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We know our post are crappy...

2008-01-05 21:44:50 by yoshibrains

hey peoples,

yoshi part of yohsibrains here saying that we know our first 2 posts were... well... if you watched them you know what we mean, brains just posted that for fun (i dont know why... he made them in 5 mins each), anyway, i have more flash experence over brains and i am working a a flash vid that hopefully everyone will like (it involves mario and kirby). so dont give ure hopes up over yoshibrains cuz better stuff is coming!



We know our post are crappy...


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2008-01-05 22:52:47

let me guess. Mario fights kirby then meta knight appears at the last minute and 'to be continued' appears because you're too lazy to finish a flash before you submit it?

yoshibrains responds:

actually ure completely off, mario kills meta knight because he's on kirby's side... mario then goes to dreamland and then its gonna be an epic battle... it all starts with kirby sending metaknight to blow up peach's castle... yes there is gonna have to be "to be continued" because the files are too large... not because i'm lazy. If you think just because of our other posts we arn't good at flash... think again. My partner (the one who submitted those) was the one who made them. I (me being the yoshi part of Yoshibrains) am making the Mario VS Kirby Flash.


2008-01-14 02:49:26

Don't listen to Sticky...

Your flash work was not all that bad..
All you need is a little more experince...

Good luck with the rest of your projects!

yoshibrains responds:

Thanks alot EDZ for the advice


2008-01-16 05:41:34

sounds fun. I can't get enough of Mario parodies...

yoshibrains responds:

LOL nor can I


2008-06-28 02:56:42

YOU GUYS SUCK. just JKing JK and EB. but lol you wrote this "My partner (the one who submitted those) was the one who made them." obviously he made them if he submitted them!